It’s frustrating to walk outside and see cracked asphalt. As a general rule, asphalt is relatively durable and inexpensive, making it the perfect choice for parking lots and driveways. However, there are some things that can cause it to deteriorate more rapidly than normal. As your local source for asphalt paving in Charlotte, NC, Atkins Paving wants you to watch out for these four common causes of asphalt deterioration:

  1. Poor drainage – Standing water is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies. Poor water drainage can cause your asphalt’s foundation to break down.
  2. Weather – Weather can be problematic, too. Storms can bring heavy downpours, creating puddles on your asphalt. Cold temperatures can freeze any water that’s settled into your asphalt, causing it to crack.
  3. Pressure – Pressure from vehicles compounds over time. But heavy equipment can cause more immediate damage. Park heavier vehicles and machinery away from paved surfaces if at all possible.
  4. Oil spills – Large quantities of oil can cause problems for your pavement. Avoid permanent damage by treating oil or other chemical spills as quickly as possible.

For commercial or residential asphalt paving in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, call Atkins Paving. We can also help with asphalt resurfacing and other asphalt repairs.