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4 Summer Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your asphalt is always important. This is especially true during the summer. Hot weather and blazing sunlight take a real toll on pavement, causing damage that can give people a bad impression of your business. But with just a little upkeep, you can...

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Why Is Summer Asphalt Maintenance Important?

Summer heat and blazing sun make this season one of the toughest for the asphalt at your business. At Atkins Paving, asphalt paving in Charlotte, NC involves more than just putting down parking lots and other services. Maintenance and repairs are important, too,...

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5 Common Types of Parking Lot Repairs

Proper maintenance for your commercial parking lot is the key to making it last. However, there will be times when your pavement needs repairs. Here at Atkins Paving, our parking lot repair company wants you to get the most life out of your asphalt. Our asphlat...

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The Basics of ADA Sign Requirements

Parking lot striping is just one of the ways you can keep drivers and pedestrians safe as they move about their property. However, it's not enough. For both safety's sake and to keep your facility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you also...

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3 Springtime Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

How did your parking lot fare over the winter? Does it need a little help to withstand the long, hot summer that's on the horizon? Atkins Paving is a commercial parking lot paving company in the Charlotte, NC area and we have three springtime parking lot maintenance...

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Spring Cleaning for Your Parking Lot

Most of us do spring cleaning at our homes. Do you do the same at your business? Warmer weather and blooming flowers should be a signal to spruce up your commercial property. This includes your parking lot. You want your asphalt pavement to look sharp and tidy so you...

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4 Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Many homeowners want to know if concrete is a smart option for their driveways. It is, in fact, a great investment in terms of both property values and curb appeal. But what makes a concrete driveway such a good choice? As a driveway contractor offering concrete near...

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