Choosing the right type of driveway is important. But before you get to that step, you’ll have to decide that you need a new driveway in the first place.  All types of driveways, especially asphalt driveways, will need replacing at some point. So how do you know when it’s time to get a new one? Here are five signs you need a new driveway from Atkins Paving.

  1. It’s old – While antiques are great to display inside your home, old asphalt driveways aren’t as charming. In general, an asphalt driveway can last between 15 and 20 years. If your driveway is this old and is showing signs of damage, start thinking about replacing it.
  2. You see cracks – Asphalt driveway repair can take care of many small cracks. However, larger ones will require asphalt resurfacing or repaving. To be safe, we suggest calling our paving contractors to take a look.
  3. You never sealed it – Failing to sealcoat your driveway means you’ll need a new one faster. Sealcoating provides an extra layer of protection. Without it, you’re leaving your driveway exposed to the elements.
  4. You’ve had drainage problems – Drainage issues that aren’t corrected can lead to damage that calls for repaving. Prevent larger problems by fixing issues as soon as you can.
  5. You see potholes – Potholes require immediate attention. Left untreated, they’ll cause major damage that requires resurfacing or repaving.

Whenever you have questions about asphalt driveways for your Rock Hill or Fort Mill, SC home, give Atkins Paving a call. Our paving contractors are ready to help you.